The aily team is truly passionate about data & technology

Bianca Anghelina


Bianca’s background in business administration and finance helps her to look for continuous improvement and having an impact. Her passion is to combine technology with business. Her dream is to build “the apple” of ai products.

Chris Sawyer

Co-Founder / CTO

Chris is the “tech guy”. He always worked at the sweetpot between IT and business. His passion is in shaping and developing digital products which make a difference for the user.

Sara Bisbe

Co-Founder / Head of AI

Sara has extensive experience in implementing ai products and a diverse academic background from engineering to data science. As a life-long learner her passion is to democratize knowledge and make ai tangible for everyone.

Agility. Innovation. Fun.

Before creating Aily in 2020, Bianca, Chris and Sara spent many years simplifying processes and spearheading digitalization in the global corporate environment. It’s their passion now to invest their expertise in the digital journeys of other organizations, supported by a powerful, diverse team of digital specialists.

“We’re curious, passionate and relentless in our drive to develop a truly end-to-end product, pushing the boundaries of innovation as far as we can.”

Bianca Anghelina